Hello Little Knuckles!  Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!

On Saturday Mr. Brass Knuckles and I went on a well-needed Date Night.  He and I have differing opinions on Date Night.  He generally prefers seeing a movie and grabbing dinner somewhere dark and intimate, where we can press noses and gaze into each others' eyes in relative privacy.

I, on the other hand, like to go to wherever is the most crowded place in the city so I can feel like a part of Planet Earth again, and not isolated to my small finger-painted fortress.

But Saturday night we readily agreed on the latter.  We were feeling coop'ed up and needed a break from the id-driven dictators tearing up our house, so we headed to Big Star for tacos and greyhounds.  There were about a million people at Big Star and the evening did not disappoint:

(Dress, French Connection; Shoes, 9 West; Bag, Mulberry for Target)

Okay, I admit that the dress is a little Kardashian.  In hindsight I probably should've worn Spanx or something.  

I bought a pair of Spanx about 10 years ago for my cousin's wedding.  Her bridesmaids dresses were champagne-colored silk, and I swear you could make out every hump and lady lump.  Occasionally I'll ponder the utility of Spanx, but can't bring myself to wear them because no matter what else I'm wearing I feel horribly unsexy and always think of poor Wendy Beamish, Mare Winningham's character in my favorite movie, St. Elmo's Fire.

For your viewing amusement.  Will some please for the love of God make an animated gif of Rob Lowe playing his sax at the bar?

Anyhow, Saturday night was the first time I wore the dress -- it requires a little confidence (luckily, there was plenty of "confidence" to be had at the bar!).

The shoes are a great find from the back of my closet.  I bought these Nine West wedges years ago for a business trip to China.  I wanted shoes that were comfy yet stylish for the plane.  For some reason I stopped wearing them and they were relegated to the closet to gather dust.  They need a little TLC, but after a trip to the cobbler I think they might become my favorite "new" pair of shoes!

Have a great week, little Knuckles!  May it be filled with the wails of funky, funky sax.  SERGIO!


  1. Thanks for the comment on my blog! Following you now :) Glad you enjoyed your date-night!
    R xo

  2. cute stripe dress and very nice heels xoxo
    would you like to follow each other?

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  3. I love the dress you chose for your date night! I love mini-skirt-and-long-sleeves dresses because they're sexy without being inappropriate, and this one certainly has that kind of feel. You look great!

  4. love that dress! looks great on you!

    Have a great week ahead! Stop by and say hello!

  5. thanks for the love honey, i'm following you now :)

  6. That dress is gorgeous! Haha, every time I think of Spanx I think of Bridget Jones Diary. But you look wonderful in that dress.


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