Happy Friday internets!  

I am still feeling sad about Ann Curry's departure from the Today Show yesterday.  She is CoStar's favorite anchor and we really enjoyed watching her.  CoStar is usually milling around our bedroom in the morning as I get ready for work.  When the Today Show starts she yells "NEWS!" then "RAINBOW!" then "ANNCURRY!" 

This morning while I was getting dressed, CoStar motioned to my bracelets and said, "I never see you without those."  Ha ha, she is right!  I have a selection of jewelry that I wear almost every day, including these bracelets:
(All bracelets Alex & Ani, except for the 3rd one, Pandora)

My mother-in-law gave me the Pandora bracelet for my birthday last year around when the little dude was born.  Each charm represents something or someone special in my life.  CoStar told me that when I miss her during the day, I can look down at "her" charm and feel better.  How sweet!  (And hilarious... I am beyond the days of missing my kids while at work... I KEED I KEED!). 

The Alex & Ani bracelets were gifts from various relatives.  I LOVE this line of jewelry and was introduced to it by my gorgeous cousin-in-law, who works for the brand.  Their bracelets are expandable, making them incredibly easy to wear.

I like switching up my necklaces a bit more, but on any given day my neck looks like this:
(name necklace, Personalized Boutique; trophy necklace, Target; J necklace, So Good)

The name necklace was a gift from Mr. Brass Knuckles years ago.  Yes "Carrie" necklace SATC ya ya ya, WHATEVER!  I still like it.  The trophy necklace was part of the Anna Sheffield line for Target a few years back.  I loved this collection, and bought the necklace, earrings, and the most awesome coo-coo clock ring (which I have yet to re-size).  I bought the giant "J" charm at the So Good jewelry store in Soho years ago.  That was one of the first "jewelry emporiums" in Manhattan and I bought a ton of incredibly fun costume jewelry there.  The chain that came with the charm disintegrated shortly after I got it, but I put it on a sterling silver chain and the necklace still looks great!

Does anyone else wear the same things every day?

Have a great weekend, Knuckles!

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