Today is one of the best kinds of days, because I have tomorrow off and I'm already looking forward to sneaking out of here a little early and grabbing some cocktails with Mr. Brass Knuckles!  So enjoy it friends, cuz if you're like me you'll be back at it on Thursday.

We had a ton of events on our plate this weekend but due to various snafus ended up at none of them.  It's funny, when you have kids the littlest things like unexpected traffic or running out of milk or a nap cut short by a few minutes can throw the entire day off.  That's what happened on Saturday so we were determined to make Sunday more eventful.

We started off the day at my parents' annual community picnic, where CoStar experienced the joy of water balloons and the little guy kept trying to run into oncoming traffic on the bike path:

(My best granny pose.  Dress and shoes, Target; polka dot top, thrifted; belt, H&M).

Mr. Brass Knuckles and CoStar bought me this pink dress for my birthday two years ago.  I had just given birth and told them not to get me anything, since I'd recently upgraded to an iPhone.  But since Mr. Brass Knuckles doesn't follow the no-gifts rule, he let CoStar select a few items for me at Target, which included the dress, a purple hoodie, and purple sweatpants.  Everything was stuffed into an old recycled gift bag, and I was feeling unattractive and ragged with a week-old baby and wasn't expecting anything, and when they presented me with the gift along with a card... well it was one of those "I'm such a lucky gal" moments.  And though I don't normally wear pink and purple, I make an exception for anything picked out by 3 year olds!

After the picnic we drove to the Museum of Science and Industry, one of the entire family's favorite places.  Here is CoStar showing off her climbing skills:

And we topped off the evening with dinner at one of our favorite hamburger places, the Butcher and the Burger in Lincoln Park:

Mr. Brass Knuckles and I are obsessed with delicious hamburgers.  If we were fictional characters we would be Hamburglars:  
Mr. Brass Knuckles said his love affair with fancy hamburgers began with his first bite at Dumont Burger in Brooklyn.  When Dumont Burger first opened we went there all the time, and the hamburger partytimes continue to this day.

 Hope your day off is awesome, little Knuckles!  Embrace the magic of summertime!

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