I am horrible about getting gifts for Mr. Brass Knuckles.  One year for Valentine's Day I actually gave him a bottle of contact lens solution.  CONTACT LENS SOLUTION.

What makes it even worse is that Mr. Brass Knuckles always has something thoughtful and lovely for me, even on those occasions when we promise not to give gifts to each other.  This guy...

Don't be like me.  Buy your Mr. something, perhaps something below:

1. A cool poster for his office
Grand Taxonomy of Rap Names poster, Fab.com, $19

2. A novelty tee-shirt
T-shirt, Threadless.com, $20

3. Khakis that don't suck
Bottle Rockets pants, Bonobos.com, $135 

4. An invisible undershirt (how cool is this?  This company was started by my friend Jason, who I worked with eons ago in sunny southern California).  You can't see it under your dress shirt!
Invisible undershirt, Sloane Men, $34

5. Boba Fett cutout (Mr. Brass Knuckles already has one of these.  We are actually on our 2nd cutout.  The first one we found on the street in Cobble Hill, and it was as if he found a $100 bill.  Unfortunately, this one was lost (or STOLEN?!) during our move to Chicago, and I replaced it for him last Christmas, I think)
Cutout, Amazon.com, $43.95

6. Sleep.  Hair matted, lines on the face, wake up at noon after you've already been up with the kids for 6 hours SLEEP.

7. A personalized hoodie
Personalized hoodie just for Mr. Brass Knuckles, Rugby, $96

8. A belt that doesn't look like it came with pleated polyester pants
Marc Jacobs belt, Parkandbond.com, $285

9.  A new pair of Timberlands
Oxford, Opening Ceremony & Timberland, Opening Ceremony, $165

10. A monogrammed tie bar
Tie bar, Paige Forland, Etsy.com, $18

And if all else fails:
Renu contact lens solution, Drugstore.com, $11.99

Happy shopping, little Knuckles!


  1. Love your picks! That "Taxonomy of Rap Names" is just brilliant.

  2. Thanks Shoko! My husband is a man-child so these picks really suit him :)

  3. What? Man-child? More like man-MAN. By the way, the Boba Fett cutout in our house is looking kinda lonely. Maybe you should get a Princess Leia cutout to keep him company...


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