Soundtrack: Cheap Thrills, Sia w/Sean Paul

The other day my husband and I were looking up Sean Paul facts while listening to Sia's Cheap Thrills, which was (and still is) a huge hit this summer. I started laughing when he was like, Hey! A summer hit made by two 40-year-olds!  It's true, Sean Paul is 43 and Sia is 40 (and Olympic gymnast Oksana Chusovitina is 41!).

I've been feeling pretty insecure about getting older, not gonna lie. Superficial stuff aside, it's hard not to feel like your best years are uselessly slipping away. The old What am I doing with my life? question takes on greater urgency. And the superficial stuff does weigh more heavily (no pun intended). My daily beauty routine has probably quadrupled in time and cost.

But as my dear husband always reminds me, Today is the youngest you'll ever be. I've really embraced this point of view. Today IS the youngest you'll ever be, so enjoy the day. Fly fast and hard, like a bat out of hell.

(Shoes, Jeffrey Campbell, old. Similar, uh, nowhere)

(Dress, The Kooples, old, somewhat similar here; sunnies, Charming Charlie. We live in the Ohio countryside and there are definitely bats including the one that flew into our house late at night and my husband chased around like a maniac for three hours and the next morning I casually walked down and was like What's up, bro? because I slept through the entire thing).

(Here I am casually contemplating why on earth I thought bat shoes would add value to my wardrobe).

A word on the shoes; I've mentioned before that I have a shopping rule: always choose the most outlandish item in your consideration set because once you bring it home and style it with stuff you already own, it will probably look pretty tame.  Following this rule is how you end up with bat shoes. 

I never really went through a goth phase, but hey all things 90's are coming back. Perhaps these shoes will find their way into my fall rotation (but probably not because WTF bat shoes).  

Have the most incredible week!


Soundtrack: Bulls on Parade, Rage Against the Machine


It's been over two years since I regularly posted to the blog. TBH, I found myself running out of steam and our move to Cleveland provided an easy excuse to stop. 

But no more! The Covert Boutique rises again.

I thought about what would make the blog different this time. When I mentioned it to my daughter, she asked, What blog? What's it about? Being chased by tigers on skateboards?

(I promise Photoshop was only used on the tiger, you guys).

Fashion blogging is fun, but I'm not really cool enough to pose in front of photogenic walls wearing the latest runway looks. If I had to a pick new direction for the Covert Boutique, it would be whimsy. Being chased by tigers on skateboards. By the way, if the photo above looks like Check it out, Mom's riding a skateboard ha ha! it's because it is.

(Top, Zara; shorts, thrifted; shoes, LK Bennett; sunnies, Charming Charlie: 2 for $15! Never feel bad about destroying/losing another pair again).

Skateboards and tigers are actually very in right now, as Gucci and superstar Korean female skateboarder Hyo Joo Ko can attest:

(Gucci Instagram, go watch the video, it's awesome)

Cheers to creativity! Whimsy! Interwebs! Tigers!

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Have a wonderful week, everybody!



Sweet sassy molassey it's been over two years since my last post.
So much has happened, friends, where do I even begin:
1) We packed up our stuff and moved to Cleveland.

Actually that's about it.  The real reason I stopped blogging was because my camera broke, and inertia is a particularly powerful thing.

Do I have a new camera?  No.
Does the iPhone 6 have a really great camera? Yes.
Could I probably just use that? Yes.
Do I own an iPhone 6? No.

Whilst I get myself in order, please enjoy this Instagram encapsulation of the past two years.

Is this just a screenshot of your phone?  Yes.
Are you really that lazy now? Possibly.
Did you make those bacon-shaped pancakes yourself?  Yes.

More to come...