Good afternoon, Knuckles!

Whenever I feel conflicted about wearing super-girly things, I think of Zooey Deschanel's quote in Glamour: "I’m just being myself.  We can’t be feminine and be feminists and be successful? I want to be a f--king feminist and wear a f--king Peter Pan collar. So f--king what?"

(Sunnies, Target; dress, Romwe; blouse, Banana Republic; shoes, Sam Edelman; purse, Elliott Lucca; necklace, Francesca's Collections; bracelets, F21, Banana Republic; rings, H&M.  I know this dress is a Mary Katrantzou Spring 2013 knock-off but let's face it, I'm more likely to have a third child than spend that kind of money on a single item of clothing.  Wealthy benefactors: DM for my size). 

Have a great week, Knuckles!


It's Friday, Knuckles!

I have been really into watching science shows these days, and wanted to share this cool photo:

(Photo of Earth, Voyager 1, taken from 6 billions miles away)

That little spec of light is the earth, you guys!  We are so totally tiny.  Some people think that the entirety of our universe is just one of an infinite number of alternate universes in the multiverse.  Which means somewhere out there I am yelling at Adam Levine to take out the dog. (#SCIENCE)

Speaking of alternate universes, the Rick Owens show yesterday was awesome.  Instead of models, he employed competitive step teams to strut and dance down the runway.  It's generated some controversy but I found it inspiring.  If you have a moment, check out the write-up at Fashion Bomb Daily (with Instagram videos) and the full collection at and decide for yourself.

step with momentum rick owens spring 2014 show
(Photo Fashion Bomb Daily)

Have a wonderful weekend, Knuckles!


Good morning, Knuckles, and happy Thursday!

(Sunnies, Chanel; vest, H&M; belt, Banana Republic; jeans, James Twiggy; shoes and bag, Marc by Marc Jacobs; necklace, J.Crew Factory; bracelet, my mom's vintage gold cuff)

I admit, when it comes to metabolism I got pretty lucky in the genes department.  In fact, I am the curviest of all Knuckles women (I distinctly remember my gorgeous cousin once say, in a totally non-humblebrag way, Sometimes it seems like the more I eat, the more weight I lose.  I am definitely not that lucky).

Despite good genes, recently I've put on a few pounds.  I attribute this to three things.  First, my metabolism and I are getting older (sigh).  Second, I lead a sedentary lifestyle.  I don't exercise but prior to moving to the suburbs I walked a lot; now my butt has formed a nice ass-groove in my car.  Finally, I eat like a 16 year old boy.  The power that hamburgers wield over me is embarrassing.

Recognizing a new reality, a couple weeks ago I started Jillian Michael's 30-day Shred.  I picked this particular workout because it's manageable and realistic; it's only 25 minutes long and can be done at home in the morning (fact: I'm a lazy mofo).  I also resolved to cut down on superfluous sweets and limit my french fry intake to just once per week.

How has it been going?  Well, I haven't lived up to my food resolutions.  You'd think a person could refrain from stuffing her face with french fries at every possible opportunity but actually, I'm just that weak.  I've been diligent about working out and I feel stronger but my pants are still tight (I don't own a scale, so my only gauge of success is how my clothes fit).  

Why am I sharing this with you today?  Well, it's a slow news day.  But I also just wanted to tip my hat to everyone who makes time to work out and eat well.  It means you are prioritizing yourself which, amidst the craziness of every day, is not easy to do.

Have a great weekend, Knuckles!