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Happy 2017 everyone!  It's been ages since I've written here.  To be honest, the election and its aftermath threw me into such utter confusion that I had to make some radical shifts to my daily routine.

One of the biggest changes is that I logged off Facebook.  Almost entirely.  I check it once a week at most, usually scrolling for about 30 seconds before closing out in disgust.  In fact, I've given up virtually all online "news" sources.  I don't miss them at all (and my hunched, zombie-like phone time has decreased dramatically).

As a result, I now live in a post-reality fantasy land, somewhere between denial and blissful ignorance.

(Headband, River Island; dress, BCBG; shoes, Jessica Simpson; sorry all old)

The air up here is so nice PLEASE DON'T MAKE ME LEAVE

Though I'm thoroughly enjoying this starry-eyed catatonia, sadly reality beckons and I know I can't keep my head in the sand forever (that should be my next Photoshop!).  I doubt I'll ever return to Facebook, though, so I apologize in advance for missing your birthday.  In fact, I wish you a happy birthday in 2017 right now.  Happy birthday (whenever it is or was), I hope you have (had) a wonderful day (to come)!

Thanks for reading, friends.


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  1. I feel the same way about social media. Too much drama and ... well, idiots everywhere.



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