Hello Knuckles!

I haven't posted in almost a month due to traveling and vacations.  I'm finally home today and am pretty bummed to be back, especially because Mr. Brass Knuckles is still away through next week!  Lucky!

I had so much fun this past month, and even learned a few things:

10) "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" is incredibly difficult to sing.  Don't ever pick this during karaoke -- you won't nail it.  I got an "E" for "Extra Fancy Dance Moves" to compensate for my off-pitch warbling.

9) Meat wins!  I had dinner with a couple of dear friends who've been vegetarians for as long as I can remember, and one of them ordered a pork tenderloin and my eyes nearly fell out of their sockets as my head calmly exploded.

8) It is possible to eat two buffet meals in one day, but only just barely, and you must be in Las Vegas, and the earlier one must include unlimited champagne and the later one must include ginger ale and an elastic waistband extender.

7) Watching fireworks while lying on a blanket in the middle of a baseball diamond and listening to Celine Dion versions of patriotic standards is surprisingly moving.  Murrica! (tears)

6) I am very thankful for Mr. Brass Knuckles, who put in a lot of daddy overtime these past few weeks.

5) It is possible to go to a nightclub alone, particularly if your friends are still playing blackjack and someone hands you free drink tickets.  It is not possible to look cool, however, enthusiastically dancing to Tupac's "California Love" which was your college jam but for everyone else in the room it's like Elvis or Beethoven.

4) Any evening that includes voluntarily ordering an over-priced frothy pink martini is bound to be memorable.

3) Seeing old friends is the best. 

2) A man on the street may ask to take a photo of you and your girlfriends and claim it's because he likes your outfits, but in reality it's probably for some kind of "Cougars of New York" blog.

1) Vacations are never long enough!  (Plus, you are more-than-slightly afraid of your Outlook inbox).

Have a wonderful weekend, Knuckles!


  1. Sounds like you had fun. I agree vacations are not long enough...but I guess it depends some time. I remember being in New York city once for two weeks and thinking...that's enough I want to go home lol That was the only place I have been where I felt that way lol.
    The 2 buffets thing had me laughing. I have been on cruises where 2 buffets was nothing for veteran cruisers, I always had to skip a meal on the cruise I just couldn't do it but some of those cruisers were there between meals it was a bit sickening to watch.

    1. Yes, having just visited NYC I can see how 2 weeks could be too much! It's so intense that it's really hard not having a home -- a quiet sanctuary -- to hole up in. I've never been on a cruise but can imagine how decadent the food situation must be. It's on my bucket list. I will be sure to bring plenty of elastic-banded pants!

  2. So happy to see you! Next time we need more debauchery time! I want to involved in one of your list points. Glad you had a wonderful trip and got a little Jeannie time :)

    1. You are absolutely one of my list points -- so good to see old friends! Yes, next time we will have a pink martini evening, it will be crazypants.


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