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It's been over two years since I regularly posted to the blog. TBH, I found myself running out of steam and our move to Cleveland provided an easy excuse to stop. 

But no more! The Covert Boutique rises again.

I thought about what would make the blog different this time. When I mentioned it to my daughter, she asked, What blog? What's it about? Being chased by tigers on skateboards?

(I promise Photoshop was only used on the tiger, you guys).

Fashion blogging is fun, but I'm not really cool enough to pose in front of photogenic walls wearing the latest runway looks. If I had to a pick new direction for the Covert Boutique, it would be whimsy. Being chased by tigers on skateboards. By the way, if the photo above looks like Check it out, Mom's riding a skateboard ha ha! it's because it is.

(Top, Zara; shorts, thrifted; shoes, LK Bennett; sunnies, Charming Charlie: 2 for $15! Never feel bad about destroying/losing another pair again).

Skateboards and tigers are actually very in right now, as Gucci and superstar Korean female skateboarder Hyo Joo Ko can attest:

(Gucci Instagram, go watch the video, it's awesome)

Cheers to creativity! Whimsy! Interwebs! Tigers!

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Have a wonderful week, everybody!


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