Last Saturday the Knuckles clan had lunch at FLO, a delicious Mexican restaurant in the city, with some out-of-town family members (extended Knuckles) whom we always love to see! 

That day I pulled out an ancient skirt that reminded me of the days before the big fast fashion chains hit New York City and my subsequent descent into disposable fashion began.
On me: button-down top, F21; skirt, vintage; shoes, Nine West.  On CoStar: dress, DKNY; shoes, Stride Rite.

Of course, even before the H&Ms, Forever 21s, and Zaras opened I was shopping for cheap stuff; I was a regular at the Macy's Herald Square 5th floor, which (at least back then) had an on-site DJ and a small food court. 

(By the way, does anyone else remember when H&M opened on its first store on 5th Avenue and 51st street?  My coworkers and I left work for like 4 hours that day to shop).

However, I also did a fair amount of vintage and thrift shopping.  I bought a TON of stuff at the legendary Screaming Mimi's in Noho, and loved finding treasures at flea markets in Chelsea.

I found the skirt above in Chelsea; it was part of a vintage late 60s suit, but I've long since donated the jacket (why?!  WHY?!).

So for today's Re-Creation Tuesday, I've re-created the outfit I wore to meet Mr. Brass Knuckle's parents for the first time.  I was wearing the MOST extraordinary textured wool 60's suit jacket that had its original rhinestone buttons:
(I'm not gonna lie, this jacket is a poor comparison to my old one, but it's the closest thing I could find.  Mine didn't have a fur collar and it had these gorgeous rhinestone buttons, but the fabric was similar.  Available now on

This jacket, too, was sadly Salvo'd long ago (why?!  WHY?!).  

I wore it with the most perfect pair of subtly ruched suede boots:
(Khomo boots, Manolo Blahnik,, $1,035.  As gorgeous as these are, again I gotta say I liked mine better and mine were only one hundred bucks.  I bought the boots (don't remember the brand) at Lori's Shoes.  I wore them into the ground, until the heels were falling off and the suede was completely ruined.  I've never found another pair of shoes that were as equally stylish and comfortable, and it was with a heavy heart when I finally had to throw them out).

and a flippy miniskirt from Old Navy: 
(Mini skirt, Alexander McQueen, Neiman Marcus, $845.  Okay ya this skirt is way nicer than the one I had).

This was a good outfit to wear whilst meeting your future in-laws for the first time.  Mr. Brass Knuckles and I had only been in it for a couple of months but hey, why not?  His parents had driven down to New York to see a play so we all met at a French restaurant in Midtown.  I believe I endeared myself to his mother that night because I ordered creme brulee for dessert.  Anyhow, I am lucky because my in-laws are great and super easy to talk to.

While we are on the subject of vintage, will someone please buy this incredible Sean Young in Blade Runner-esque BIBA suit?:
Vintage BIBA suit,, $540

I'm completely intrigued by Biba.  They re-launched the line last year but it's the 60s stuff that interests me.  Can you imagine what that store -- that whole 60s Kensington High Street scene -- must've been like?  Fast fashion in its origins!

Good night, little Knuckles!

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