Happy weekend, little Knuckles!  It's HOT in Chicago; I hope I stay as cool as my martini:

So I was sitting here thinking about Fridays, which made me think of TGIFriday's and Jennifer Aniston in Office Space and her suspenders full of flair, which totally sidetracked me into the Etsy rabbithole for fun buttons and pins ("Hmm, what would I buy for my flair?" -- this thought actually ran through my head),

Jennifer Aniston and her 37 pieces of flair, Office Space, 1999

 and that led me to remembering this amazing Teen Vogue interview with accessory designer extraordinaire Katie Hillier that I read ages ago, in which they showed her decorated Fendi baguette,

  This crappy picture is the only one I could find of Katie and her decorated baguette.  She's recently launched her own collection, Hillier London, and blogs for Vogue UK.

 which was re-launched this year for its 15th anniversary with 6 re-issued styles and a new book.
Fendi baguettes (photo from

Back when baguettes were all the rage I bought a bag at the Fendi store on 5th avenue that was slightly different because I felt everyone and her dog had a baguette and of course I had to stand out of the crowd buahahah!  What was I thinking?  What an idiot.  Anyhow, I've barely worn this bag ever because it's so dang boring and looks like it's from a Fendi store next to the Bath & Bodyworks at the local outlet mall:

However, I'm feeling inspired by the baguette's re-issue and TGIFriday's and Jennifer Aniston's suspenders and all those punk rock pins I used to collect back in the day, including FCFT pins that we made and sold for a dollar each at our shows.

(Our crafty friend Luisa showed us how to recycle old 1" pins into our own new pins: 1) color the pin with a black Sharpie to completely obscure the old graphics, 2) use a white-out pen to write whatever you want on the pin, 3) coat with clear nail polish, 4) let dry.  This method is surprisingly effective, and we spent hours in our poorly-ventilated tour van making these things).

So I want to do something fun with this bag but can't decide what.  There are so many pretty embellishments this fall to be inspired by:
(All photos

Even just quickly throwing on some of my mismatched flowered hairpins gives it some character, and could look pretty with a well-curated group of flowers properly sewn on:

Or, having had success with my jacket, maybe I try to stud it up (though this would require an extraordinary amount of patience, plus the very real possibility of completely destroying a triple digit purse):

Or do I just throw on a Twilly and accept the fact that it's a boring classic and look back ten years from now and say "See aren't you glad you didn't ruin it, I told you so!" (Apparently future me is a real jerk!)?

Any thoughts or suggestions?

Have a wonderful weekend, little Knuckles!

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