Good morning Knuckles!

I don't have any tattoos but my favorite one of all time is Cat Hartwell's (of Fannypack and Holy Hail fame).  Holy Hail played at the Fur Cups' second album release party and pretty much ever since I've wanted her tattoos: two birds in flight, one on the forearm and one on the bicep (I won't be creepy and post an image but you can see a small photo here).  Alas, tattoos aren't in my future due to a) the pain and b) my job so I'll have to settle for birds on my skirt instead. 

(Sunnies, Target; blazer, Moschino; top, Banana Republic; skirt, F21; belt, H&M; pearl necklace, J.Crew; necklaces, MyNameNecklace.com, PersonalizedBoutique.com; purse, Elliott Lucca; shoes, Fendi; bracelets, F21, Alex+Ani)

The most amazing part of this ancient Moschino blazer is the piping.  It's made of reflective material that glows in direct light (e.g. when the flash went off) like something out of Tron or Jack Donaghy's laid-back future self in 30 Rock:

Anyhow, I am a huge sucker for tattoos.  Lately I've been really into The Voice and I have to say, that Adam Levine is one winsome dude.  Actually he and Mr. Brass Knuckles are long lost twins but one has tats and the other doesn't, and consequently one does not have to hear me waxing poetic about how hot he'd be with some ink, or nagging about mowing the lawn or putting his cups into the dishwasher.  (I'm coming after you, Adam Levine.  ALL DIRTY CUPS MUST BE PLACED IN THE DISHWASHER IN A TIMELY MANNER).

Have a great week, Knuckles!

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