Hello Knuckles!

Sorry for the long absence.  On Saturday Mr. Brass Knuckles and the little man flew out on holiday (CoStar and I join them on Wednesday).  With half of the family out of town I actually had some free time to myself, and got to do something I haven't done in years -- work on music!

Even though we are spread out over 3 cities and time zones, my currently-on-hiatus band FCFT has decided to harness technology and try writing new songs via the cloud.  Who knows where this will end up, but the thought is really comforting to me.

In honor of the Fur Cups, for this Re-creation Tuesday I re-created what we wore at our first show.  It was sometime in the early 2000's and we were opening for the very fine Gina Kolata at Freddy's in Brooklyn.  We had like 10 songs and we decided to dress up like men.  I wore:

A plain tee-shirt:

(Goop tee, Kain Label for Goop, $90)

Vintage polyester old man pants that I bought in Berkeley, CA sometime in college (you can find racks and racks of these at 2nd hand stores for like $5, and they always have some kind of weird stain in the crotch.  However, for curvy girls they can sometimes fit amazing and be your favorite pants if you can get over the weird stain in the crotch, which I had absolutely no problem with until one day, I couldn't):
(Stelle pant, Rachel Comey, LaGarconne, $495)

And a pair of men's suspenders, which I believe I bought at the Macy's men's department.  I still have these and they make an appearance about once a year:
(Alfani suspenders, Macy's, $19.98)

  This was the first of many years of shows, and each one featured a costume.  Usually we decided what to wear at practice over beers like two days before the show, and we'd cobble together finds from H&M/Beacon's Closet/old bits of fabric/garbage to create our looks.

When we moved I sadly got rid of my entire trove of old costumes -- a real loss (why?!  WHY?!).  

(Photo credits, top row L to R: 2kjb, ?, minicloud, Will Rahilly; 2nd row, L to R: Jackie Roman, Jackie Roman, ?; 3rd row, L to R: ?, Enamel Design, Jackie Roman, ?; 4th row, L to R: pixietart, 2kjb, Jackie Roman.  Many of these can be found on flickr, search "Fur Cups For Teeth" for proper credits.  Please check out the work of the extraordinary rock photographer Jackie Roman).

Some of the costumes we wore (some more successful than others, and there are many, many more, I just can't remember them all) included:

Flight attendants
Reverse striptease (this was the night we played above a downtown strip club)
Colors: white, red, green
Leopard print
Dutch cloth guild
Basketball players
Garden sprites
Pregnant ladies
Fur hats
Postal workers
Zombie circus performers
Blown up on the 4th of July
Paper dresses
Trashbags (surprisingly stylish, impossible to breath)
Aging rockers
Marching band
Little Edie from Grey Gardens
Rose Selavy

We've been compared to a lot of different bands, but I think in reality we were kindred spirits (the Druids?) to these guys:
Spinal Tap

Have a great week, little Knuckles!

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