Happy Monday, little Knuckles!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend.  Ours was spent at the pool on Saturday and at the zoo yesterday morning.  

For dinner we had a BBQ in the backyard, and afterwards went on our nightly wagon/scooter ride around the neighborhood.  There is a cul-de-sac that CoStar likes to pretend is a drive-through Starbucks, where we order everything from blueberry muffins to sushi.

Yesterday evening I joined her on the scooter:

(Shirt, F21; shorts, no label; shoes, Gucci; sunglasses, YSL.  This is neither the most interesting nor inspiring outfit ever, but whatevs, when I got dressed I was thinking ZOO).

I bought the high-waisted suspender shorts at one of those "Every Item $10" stores on Broadway.  They're occasionally too small, depending on how many standard deviations I am above my average weight.  Also, they are dangerously close to Mom Jeans -- I don't deny it!

Anyhow, I didn't shop very often at "Every Item $10" stores in New York, but I saw these in the window and they were too fun to resist (though if I recall they were more than $10).   

My first job in New York was at a raucous internet start-up near Bryant Park.  There was an "Every Item $10" store around the corner that opened at 9am, and it was notorious for outfitting spirited young women the morning after hazy evenings when they just didn't quite make it home.  I wasn't part of this group, I swear!  Not that I'm judging -- I've had plenty of "How did I end up under the porch?!" nights out.

(Image: Annie's Treasure Trove)

Since then the shorts have come in handy at countless picnics and summer outings, and even played an integral role as lederhosen for my Sound of Music costume at the singalong showing I attended last year:
(The critical connector piece that makes it lederhosen is a printed out piece of paper that I cut out and taped on.  Surprisingly effective!  Yodelayheehoo!) 

But last night the shorts were just part of an ordinary evening, with a couple of gals riding off into the sunset....

Have a great week Knuckles!  Kick some ass!


  1. Hey :)

    Cute style, i especially love your balerinas :)
    Nice blog <3

  2. those flats are so beautiful. and i love that last shot! kind of nostalgic looking and totally adorable =)




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