Happy Friday, Knuckles!

My talented friend Pat posted a link to an article he's featured in on his Tumblr.  It's about Brooklyn bands in the 2000's and reading about old venues, bands, and friends made me embarrassingly awash with nostalgia. 

(Williamsburg, Brooklyn)

One day I will share stories with CoStar all about FCFT: riding my pink girls' BMX bike to the practice space 3 nights a week; mini Budweisers; living above a 1-car garage in an apartment with insufficient heat across from Pete's Candy Store; and running into her dad at shows and occasionally at the video store; and hauling gear in rented Lincoln Towncars; and the mysteries of North 3rd and Berry where there lived 3 bars, including the one where Mr. Brass Knuckles first bought me shots and years later after that bar shut down we had our engagement party at the one that replaced it; and The Dead Betties and The 00Agents and NoThings and Hula and Big Digits and she'll be like "ALRIGHT ALRIGHT I GET IT!" 

(I wish I'd kept all our posters!)

(We had an oft-naked all-male dance troupe called The Beardettes that trailed confetti like Pig Pen trails dirt)

(My three gorgeous bandmates)

(One of our earliest shows.  I still have those suspenders; I pray to the fashion gods that K. still owns that yellow vest.  No drummer; our rhythm section consisted of a wood block, pots, pans, a washboard, a baking sheet, a maraca shaped like a tangerine and the programmed beats on our Casio keyboard.  Light Rock!  Salsa!)

(I was 6 months pregnant at this show.  Many of these images can be found on flickr, search "Fur Cups For Teeth" for proper credits.  Please check out the work of the extraordinary rock photographer Jackie Roman)

But wait! Fur Cups For Teeth will rise again!  Details to come.

Have a great weekend, Knuckles!


  1. Awesomeness. May have to post pictures of my grade school & college bands - Kellogg band here: http://nedorama.com/distractions/The_Distractions/Welcome.html - Ned

  2. Hi there, I'm Hanna! I'm co-hosting the Aloha Friday hop this week and just wanted to stop by, say hi and follow your blog :)


  3. Being in a band? That's so awesome. I bet you have tons of killer stories about your experiences!



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