Hello Knuckles!

Some days I can't bear putting in my contacts:

(Top, new, H&M; pants, American Apparel; shoes, Sam Edelman; belt, the Alley in Chicago; bracelets, Alex+Ani, F21; glasses, Lenscrafters; purse, Elliott Lucca.  Lips: Cover Girl LipPerfection jumbo gloss balm, Coral Twist #235)

This beautiful new coral lipstick was a recommendation from Erica at Diary of a Trendaholic.  I'd been looking for an orange-tinted shade and this one is perfect.  Thanks Erica! 

The belt is from high school, and one of the oldest items I own.  Back then I used to hang out at a biker goth store called The Alley (still around!), which was next to a Dunkin Donuts with a hearse in the parking lot.  This little corner had tons of cool stores, like an army-navy surplus outlet, a super cheap thrift store called Ragstock, and several pre-F21 fast-fashion boutiques.  I bought the belt and my first pair of Docs on this street, which surprisingly hasn't changed too much.  If you had shown me these photos of the current Brass Knuckles back then, I would've been horrified.  Lipstick, long hair and heels?  Actually trying to look pretty?  What a sell-out!  

Ahh youth...you're a knee-slapper!

Have a great week, Knuckles!


  1. I <3 those shoes, gorgeous!

    1. Thank you so much! They are surprisingly comfy!


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