Hi Knuckles!

I recently made a life-changing purchase during my vacation: a backpack.  Okay, so I felt a little bit like a dipsh*t carrying this thing around New York City, but honestly it was liberating.  So free!  Arms fully available!  Even weight distribution!  Compared to a heavy shoulder bag, slipping on my backpack felt like taking your bra off after a long day.

Backpacks are tricky to pull off.  If you wear the wrong sandals you'll look like a Park Slope Food Co-op shopping Putamayo world music devote.  An an Asian woman, if you wear the wrong skirt you'll elicit looks from icky anime fetishists.  But actually, who cares?  So free!  Arms fully available!  Even weight distribution!

Luckily backpacks are in full trend right now, and there are millions of styles to choose from:
1) Forever 21, $29.80; 2) Vivienne Westwood, $956; 
3) Eastpack x Nicomede Talavera, $193 (on sale); 4) Free People, $528; 
5) Meredith Wendell, $595; 6) Madewell, $248;
7) Tory Burch, $255.50 (on sale); 8) Steve Madden, $98;
9) Charlotte Russe, $26.99; 10) Rockland, $84

Just for fun, here's a peek into the contents of my own, recently-cleaned, Deux Lux backpack:

(Clockwise from top left: Tory Burch Revas (I always keep these in whatever bag I carry), Revlon ColorStay Overtime lip stains, black socks (you never know when you'll need socks!), gum, fruit snacks, WAG brand bandages, crayons, Cars Hot Wheel, Peter Thomas Roth Mega Rich body lotion (this stuff smells so good!), tinted Lipstick Queen in Medieval, Elliott Lucca wallet, anti-friction stick (have you tried this before?  It really helps prevent blisters), headphones.  Not pictured: keys, phone)
The other life-changing thing we were recently gifted is a Dustbuster.  It is amazing.  I'm a master Dustbuster now.  No more Goldfish crumb graveyards.

Have a wonderful weekend, Knuckles!

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