I am not, quite frankly, a huge DIY person, but I was super inspired by this DIY idea at Studs and Pearls.  I've always been obsessed by Burberry's incredible trenches from Spring 2011, as modeled by the stylish Emma Watson: 

Anyhow, I had this old teal jacket that I bought in Hong Kong years ago, from one of the stores in Island Beverly.  Island Beverly is this incredible "youth" fashion mall in the heart of Hong Kong, and along with the flagship Topshop in Oxford Circus, is one of my favorite places to shop, EVER.

I never knew how to wear this jacket -- it always felt slightly frumpy and misshapen -- but after a little studding action:
I used two sizes, Standard English and Tall English, from  I bought the pliers over ten years ago during fashion school, when I was learning how to cobble shoes.

there is only one real word for this coat, and this word is BITCHIN'.

Cotton jacket from Island Beverly.  I have no idea what the make is, and I don't remember how much I paid.  But much of Island Beverly is not particularly expensive, so I can't imagine I paid more than $60.

I wore this jacket to pick up CoStar from day care and all of her classmates were mesmerized by the sleeves.  Everyone wanted to touch them, and kept asking why I had spikes on my jacket.  CoStar told them to back off and said "That's her fashion!"  Hilarballs.

Last night, both Mr. Brass Knuckles and I got out of work early so we drove to our old neighborhood for dinner at one of our favorite restaurants during our b-school days:

 Blouse, Tracey Reese; Watch, Casio; Necklace from Francesca's Collections

Finally, I wore this outfit with one of my favorite pair of sunglasses, as modeled by Elmo:

Sunglasses, YSL

This extraordinary pair of shades was a gift from my friend Ryan, a magician.  Years ago, he and his then-girlfriend found them lying in the grass in Central Park.  We all tried them on, and they generously thought they look best on me, and I love them (both the shades and Ryan) to this day.

Happy Memorial Day weekend, little Knuckles!  I hope, wherever you are, you get to wear your favorite sunglasses and spend the weekend with people you love.


  1. this jacket is awesome! i think that this DIY studding can be pretty amazing.

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    1. Thank you! That means a lot coming from someone who is so good at DIY projects!


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