Happy Tuesday after Memorial Day, everyone!

Our weekend was pretty low-key; we spent lots of time with my family, had a few BBQ's, and set up the sprinklers and kiddie pool in the backyard (it's nice to see CoStar and her brother run through the grass in bare feet with abandon.  I have a strange phobia about bare feet and grass; here's hoping irrational foot rot fears aren't necessarily inheritable).  

On Memorial Day itself, Mr. Brass Knuckles and I took the kids to Millennium Park downtown to explore the Bean and Crown Fountain.  The Bean and Crown Fountain are these incredibly beautiful works of public sculpture, and they are normally surrounded by a million tourists:

Cloud Gate (aka The Bean), Anish Kapoor; Crown Fountain, Jaume Plensa 

Who would've thought bringing the kids to a giant reflective surface on a 97 degree day would actually be a good idea?  They loved it!

My outfit was nothing extraordinary:
Silk dress, F21; Vest, La Rok; Shoes, Asos.com; necklace, Francesca's Collections; Lolita-style sunglasses, bought at a kiosk in Times Square. On CoStar: sailor dress, H&M; sequin Mary Janes, Target; Dora the Explorer sunglasses

I bought the dress -- which is real silk, surprisingly -- sometime in the last two years from Forever 21.  I purchased the denim vest, which attaches to a blazer, at a LaRok sample sale years ago.  I just Googled LaRok to see if they're still around; sadly, doesn't look like it!  I used to wear the vest/blazer with a sleeveless yellow bubble dress, which I still have, when I was first pregnant with CoStar.

The shoes have silly googly eyes and eyebrows on them.  When they first came in the mail, CoStar was HORRIFIED.  She begged me not to wear them: "Everyone will make fun of you!" She has since learned to appreciate the absurd, which is a good thing since I loved the shoes so much I got them in two colors:

These shoes are the flimsiest things ever and manufacturing them definitely contributed to the downfall of the polar bear.  Also, they reek of plastic and glue, so much that they give you reverse foot stink: they actually give your feet BO.  I feel guilty wearing them, but they've got eyes and eyebrows, you guys!   

Anyhow, the Bean was a lot of fun but hot, and the Crown Fountain was the perfect complement:

And now it is Tuesday and now it is back to work.  Good night, little Knuckles!  Hope you are reading this with a tall glass of wine, cuz I'm drinking one as I write!

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