On Sunday it was so warm we packed a picnic and took the kids to one of our favorite local parks.

After a lovely meal of sandwiches, raspberries, and salt-and-vinegar potato chips, the entire family checked out the jungle gym:

including a certain spaghetti-armed weakling:

Oh MAN!  It seriously took every bit of teeth-gritting effort to pathetically hurl myself across a few rungs.  Long ago were the days of jogging and pilates -- this body is no longer a temple, but an outhouse.  The whole experience bizarrely reminded me of this old Charles Atlas ad: 

Where did this ad come from and why does my subconscious know about it?  Did I see it in an Archie comic book from like 1812?  I actually had to Google it.  It reminds me of something Dan Clowes would draw.  Sadly I am Joe, he of the ill-fitting high-waisted red trunks in dire need of Dynamic Tension....

I rarely wear shorts, but it was so hot that it was a good time to pull out my Imitation of Christ short-alls.  I believe these were S/S 2006 and I bought them at Barneys Co-Op after seeing them in the catalog:

Short-alls, Imitation of Christ, $(I don't remember)

I wore these short-alls the day after my wedding, when Mr. Brass Knuckles and I drove from our beautiful wedding location in Longboat Key, Florida to our first honeymoon destination, Disney World.  That morning we shared a romantic first meal as a married couple on the balcony of our honeymoon suite.  I remember sitting on his lap, enjoying the view and the salty air, and we were talking about how happy we were when all the sudden a giant, mangy black crow swooped down onto the railing not two feet from where we were sitting, and we were like UHHHHH.....

 Our 2nd meal as a married couple was at a Boston Market in a strip mall somewhere between Sarasota and Orlando.  Say what you will, their fusilli mac and cheese is delicious.

On Sunday I wore the short-alls with my favorite pair of comfy, go-to summer sandals that came out last year as part of the Dolce Vita for Target line,

Sandals, Dolce Vita for Target, $39.99

and my Carrera Champion Aviator glasses:
Sunglasses, Carrera, $109

Mr. Brass Knuckles got me these sunglasses for my birthday a few years ago.  Lady Gaga's Bad Romance video had just come out, and I said he could buy me one of two things, her Benjamin Cho polar bear coat:

or the sunglasses: 

I was very happy with Mr. Brass Knuckles' choice -- I would've only worn that coat a few times, and I wear these sunglasses all the time!  Amirite?  Love tap!

Good night, little Knuckles!

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