Two of Target's next boutiques featured in their "The Shops at Target" initiative are Kirna Zabete and Patch NYC.

I loved shopping at Kirna Zabete back in the day (or window-shopping at least).  They have one of the prettiest stores in Soho, and the best selection of accessories.

I'm also excited about the Patch NYC collection.  They used to have a store in Manhattan but they've since re-located to Boston.  One of my favorite clutches of all time is their Weenie Dog from years ago:

Weenie Dog Bag, Patch NYC, I think I paid $99 for it.

I carried this clutch to my future sister-in-law's wedding in gorgeous Newport, Rhode Island.  It was the first time I met Mr. Brass Knuckles' extended family, and I believe I won over a dog-loving aunt with this bag.

I'm glad to see that Patch NYC is still around and continuing to make pretty things, though more along the lines of home decor and jewelry.  Having just visited the aquarium and seen real ones, I appreciate these seahorse earrings:

Seahorse earrings,, $44

These pillows would look great on our playroom couch (though the bear might scare CoStar):
Bear and Peacock Pillow, $120

And who doesn't need a gold boot?
Gold boot, $99

GOLD BOOT y'alls!

Good night, little Knuckles!


  1. Hi!

    I saw your comment on my blog. I want to follow this one but I can't find the follow button!

    Looking forward to reading it anyway :)

    1. Thanks Sara! I'm new to this, I will put up the button today. I look forward to reading yours too!

  2. They say that if you have one gold boot, you're going to need another...

    1. Maybe they will give you a discount on the pair.

  3. You totally inspired me to buy that Weenie Bag back in the FIT days! I still have it and occasionally it gets pulled out by Penny as a play purse.

    1. When I used it, I had a flip phone and it barely fit. Penny is a fashionable little lady!


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