For Warby Parker glasses?

I got my home try-on kit today:

Glasses, Warby Parker, $95

From top to bottom, and smallest to largest, I got a black Finn, Webbs in 2 colors, a Preston, and a Thatcher.  The ridiculously huge Thatchers are reminiscent of the red Sally Jesse Raphael-style glasses I wore in elementary school.

Being sunglasses, the Prestons are too hard to judge.  Unless they are completely ridiculous,
Pineapple sunglasses WTF?!,, $20.87.

sunglasses generally look pretty cool.

The Finns and Webbs look okay, but really the question boils down to: am I cool enough to pull these off?

Gaah.  You are what you need to be, right?  My only lament is that these amazing Prada glasses were never made for popular consumption:

Prada, Fall/Winter 2010

A single pair was available on ebay exactly once, and sadly I was outbid.  Someone is wearing these glasses and staring sternly at this very minute.  These glasses = instant Jackee.
A friend texted me this photo of Jackee once.  I laughed so hard, milk shot out of my nose (not really, but you know).

Good night, little Knuckles!

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