I used to follow the rule that if you haven’t worn something in a year, get rid of it.  However, I’ve begun to regret my bi-yearly Salvo purges.  I wish I’d kept certain items simply for their memories (or if anything, the laughs).

I’ve gotten rid of a ton of stuff over the years, but I still remember what I was wearing during some seminal life moments.  Mr. Brass Knuckles suggested I re-create these outfits.  What a fun exercise!  Hence... Re-Creation Tuesdays!

Today's re-creation approximates what I wore when I moved to New York, truly when I stepped off my flight from Chicago and into LaGuardia airport.  It was July 5th, and I was wearing:

 a long black maxi skirt that I purchased at TJ Maxx, 
LNA Gypsy Maxi Skirt,, $99

a white tank top, 
 Favorite tank, J. Crew, $18 

and some dorky white running sneakers.  
 Nike Zoom Structure Triax+ 15, Nike, $100

I had just graduated from college, and had $700 that my father loaned me and an address in Queens where I could stay, rent-free (a good friend from high school allowed me to crash at her place while she was away for the summer).  No job yet, but I was full of optimism.  And thus, my life as a New Yorker began.

My boyfriend at the time (a native New Yorker) picked me up from the airport.  We took a cab to my friend’s apartment to drop off my stuff, and then he took me on my first subway ride into the East Village.  I remember walking up into the sunlight from the N train station on 8th street – it was probably 90 degrees that day and the skirt stuck to my legs. 

Honestly, it was a magical moment.

To paraphrase Joan Didion, I planned on staying for 6 months, and stayed for 9 years.  And I’m happy to say that though the outfit isn’t in my life today, the old boyfriend – now just a friend, but a dear one – and the friend from high school still are. 

 Kisses, little Knuckles!

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  1. love how much clothes can remind us of who we were! sneakers and maxi to do it when you were young :)


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