Mother's Day this year -- my fifth -- was super from start to finish.  Mr. Brass Knuckles let me sleep in, and when I woke up I came down to a giant flower that he and CoStar had made for me, complete with a happy, lipsticked bee!  I also got some jewelry, including a beautiful collection that CoStar picked out just for me from her favorite jewelry store, Forever 21:

I love this collection: Indian-inspired and colorful, a little Nicole Richie....  my 4-year-old definitely has great taste!  I especially love the big pink flower for my hair.

Since the weather was amazing, we took the kids downtown to the Children's Museum at Navy Pier.  In keeping with the flower theme, I wore a kimono-style dress from H&M's 2010 garden collection:

I originally bought this dress to wear to my bandmate's wedding weekend in Indiana.  That weekend was a breath of fresh air -- literally! -- compared to business school, which we were in at the time.  Her reception was in her Grandmother's yard, complete with paper lanterns and fireworks over the pond.  Our entire band was there, including our drummer, whose chartreuse mohawk matched her wedding colors perfectly.

I wore this dress the morning of her wedding, and it holds one particular memory that's too precious to share.    

And despite its over-grown sleeves that catch on EVERYTHING, it made for a fun spring outfit on Mother's Day:  

At Navy Pier we did some sliding, 


made Cyclops masks,

and enjoyed the city! 

Good night, little Knuckles!

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