One of Mr. Brass Knuckle's and my favorite things to do is go to the movies.  On Friday, he really wanted to see the Avengers.

So for our movie date, I pulled out an old cowl-necked mesh top I got at Foley & Corinna on the Lower East Side, back when F&C was just a cool little boutique with color-blocked racks of gorgeous vintage clothes.

This top is basically see-through, and was one of my hardest working tops back in the day.  I used to pair it with boot-cut jeans from Express (!) and a pair of gold shoes that I bought at the Space Outlet in Ticino, Switzerland during my fashion days. I fear I shall never wear those shoes again, because sadly I think years of pounding the Manhattan sidewalk were not kind to them.

I wore this very outfit on one of the first -- and only -- times I ever hung out with a bunch of investment bankers.  We went to The Park when it first opened -- a ridiculous bar with a hot-tub on the roof.  No one was really impressed by anyone that night, if you know what I mean.

This top is too short to wear with jeans now (i.e., I'm too old for midriff!) so I paired it with high-waisted black trousers and an old pair of Prada shoes:

Mr. Brass Knuckles rarely calls me out when I'm being ridiculous, but I was wearing these shoes the first time he ever scolded me.  It was New Years Eve, 2008, and we celebrated at a Rubulad party where my band was playing.  Amidst the chaos of a) performing in costume, b) our sweaty, half-naked male dance troupe, and c) general mayhem, I lost one shoe.  I cried the entire way home (did I mention I had had a few cocktails?) until finally Mr. Brass Knuckles told me to let it go -- "IT'S JUST A SHOE!"  And then I realized how ridiculous I was being (though I still loved the shoes enough to buy another pair).

To this day, whenever I remind him of how low-maintenance I am he brings up this incident, ha ha!

The Avengers turned out to be great!  Especially since we smuggled in two 24 ounce Modelos  (notice the Binny's bag in the photo above). 

Afterwards we were supposed to head out for drinks but we decided to go home, watch Jimmy Fallon, and fall asleep instead.  That's Friday night in the suburbs, y'all!

Kisses, little Knuckles!

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