Last Tuesday we got invited, last-minute, to the Bulls playoff game against the Sixers.  It was one of those "Win or Go Home" situations, down 1-3 in the series.

I'm not a huge sports fan but I have been to a lot of live sporting events in the past... and I can honestly say that I had NEVER attended a game when the team I was rooting for won (I'm lucky like that).

But on Tuesday night, the Bulls won!  Maybe it was because I was wearing red (though the Sixers were also wearing red.  Way to confuse us non-sports fans, Sixers):

I bought this jacket about 9 years ago at one of those stores on Broadway near NYU that sells young urbanwear.  It was during the heydey of brands like Phat Farm, Rocawear, and Sean John.  Remember those, ha ha!

This jacket came out in the nanosecond when hip-hop girls were dressing like Sandy from Grease, and it was instant love as soon as I saw it.  It's silky, slightly padded, and has a giant embroidered "Baby Phat" on the back (buahaha!).

Lots of great memories are hidden in this jacket, including the Winter of 2004 when I went on a historical trek through New England -- with stops at Gettysburg and Mount Vernon -- with a nice young man I'd just started dating, and with whom I recently celebrated my 6 year wedding anniversary.

Back to the Bulls.  I dusted this off and paired it with my beloved mouse shoes.  I stalked these shoes online for half a year but couldn't stomach the price -- until Zappos put them on sale for 40% off!

Marc by Marc Jacobs has re-introduced these shoes this year, in jelly, studded, glittered, and elastic versions (check and

It was a gorgeous night overall.  The weather was perfect,

the United Center was buzzing with a ton of fun, positive energy, we had delicious food and martinis, and best of all, the Bulls won!

Happy Friday, little Knuckles!


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