CoStar is very creative and has a great eye for photographs.  She often steals our camera or iPhones and takes beautiful pictures of the most mundane things, like a dining room chair:

A self-portrait through the TV:

Or her baby brother (so small back then!)
(All photos Instagram mine)

So while I was browsing through our little point-and-shoot the other day, I almost fell out of my chair in delight when I saw that she had taken photos of Barbie in her dollhouse:

I loved this idea, and wanted to enter her world myself.  Don't you just love my chandelier?
(Dress, Aryn K; necklace, Tuleste Market; shoes, Chanel; scarf around ankle, Hermes)

I purchased the dress from Akira last year, and it's one of my favorites even though it's only made one appearance so far (at a company retreat, no less).  The shoes were a gift from my sister-in-law.  They are the original FLOs (For Limo Only) but I feel like a friggin basketball wife whenever I wear them.  The Hermes Twilly scarf was my first orange-box purchase; I bought it ages ago at the Hermes store on Via Sant' Andrea in Milan.  Nowadays the only things I buy that come in orange boxes are Doritos Locos Tacos from the Bell.

Have a great weekend Little Knuckles!


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  4. Darling pictures. And I love the Akira dress.


  5. Great pics! That little baby boy is cute!


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