I can't believe it's already been 11 years since the attacks on the WTC!

At the time I was barely employed and living in in a tiny studio apartment in Williamsburg.  That morning I had overslept and everyone was frantically trying to get ahold of me, but of course cellphone calls weren't going through.

My boyfriend at the time came over and turned on the TV, and we watched the news in horror.  Then we rode our bikes down to a decrepit waterfront park on the East River where a crowd had gathered, to see smoke and ashes and exchange hugs with strangers.

My memories from that day aren't as harrowing as those of a lot of New Yorkers, and for that I'm grateful.  I may not live in New York anymore but it's still my favorite city in the world!

When I first moved there I remember sitting in the subway and writing myself a set of goals in a velour Hello Kitty notebook.  I tore that page out and I still have it.  The gist of it was:

1) Find a career that I like
2) Find a cool dude
3) Stop biting my fingernails
4) Do something creative
5) Have fun!

When I left a few years later, I was able to cross off all of the goals on my list except one (in retrospect, I may have over-done #5).  

And that's why you never see any cool nail art on this blog.

Happy Tuesday, Knuckles!

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