Hello Knuckles! 

 Fall is officially here!  The air is getting crisp and the September issues are out!

On Sunday afternoon I was perusing the New York Times Style Magazine Men's Fall Fashion edition, and one spread completely stopped me in my tracks: the new Prada campaign featuring Gary Oldman, Jamie Bell, Garrett Hedlund and Willem Dafoe:

Seriously you guys, I had to stop reading the magazine to look up the campaign online:

(All photos Tumblr; there are tons more and they are all crazypants AWESOME)

The colors, the clothes, the people, the poses... I'm totally obsessed.  It's steampunk Commissioner Gordon and the Green Goblin!

Prada posted a making-of video and it is mesmerizing.  It's what I imagine Queen Victoria's Next Top Model would've been like in 1862:

Anyhow, if Mr. Brass Knuckles showed up wearing any of this stuff I would probably make fun of him.

This weekend was all about enjoying the weather:

(I get a total kick out of this photo.  Most fashion bloggers get photographed against the most amazing urban backdrops; here I am with my STROLLER at the MALL, buahah!).

"Hey Brass Knuckles, what's that on the ground?"

(Top: sunglasses, Times Square kiosk; blouse, H&M; tank top, Hanes; belt, Banana Republic; jeans, Chip and Pepper; shoes, MIA.  
Bottom: sunglasses, Carrera; blouse, Express; pants, American Apparel; necklace, Tuleste Market; shoes, 9 West).

None of this clothing is all that sentimental.  The oldest thing is the silk floral jacket.  I bought it eons ago and it's always been kinda "meh."  It comes out every so often and... I am boring myself talking about it.

That is all, internets.  You may now return to more exciting and/or informative time-wasting.


  1. Thanks for the comment and follow! I love your blog I'm following! And that Prada campaign looks very appealing :) haha love your style!

    Stephanie xx

  2. Inspiring and classy blog, love it.

  3. Hi dear thank you for visiting and following my blog followed you back... thumbs up for Prada.. love your sunglasses too =) http://anotsosecretlife2011.blogspot.com


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