Like the Man Repeller, I don't buy clothes because I think men will find them alluring (I doubt many women do).  However, I did make an exception for this sweater:

(Sunglasses, Chanel; sweater, H&M; shirt, J.Crew; jeans, James; bag, Gucci; shoes, Via Spiga, bracelets/earrings: Alex+Ani, Pandora, Target, Claire's)

I bought this sweater a few years ago at H&M (from the boys department) because I knew Mr. Brass Knuckles would love it.  He definitely does, and so do a lot of other dudes.  I swear, sometimes I'll go out wearing something slinky and get nary a glance but then I'll wear this sweater and it's like I'm Boobs McGee.

For Mr. Brass Knuckles, Star Wars and superheroes are always at the very tip of his consciousness.  One night I was working late and crept into the bedroom after he went to bed, wearing a pair of ratty green shorts and an orange long sleeve shirt.  Mr. Brass Knuckles stirred, looked in my direction, mumbled "You look like Aquaman" and then rolled over and went back to sleep.

(Super Friends)

Have a great week, Knuckles!


  1. I just love your commentary in this post! it is true, people love them some Superhero action! I will have to scope out H&M for these finds in the future! Thanks!

  2. Really pretty, I love the shirt!!! :)

  3. The sweater actually looks super cute the way you've styled it! Quirky cute. Maybe I should try to find one on eBay. My boyfriend would be super into it since he likes to call me the Sith queen...just kidding he doesn't really do that. =)

    1. Thanks Fizz! I'm sure you are not the Sith Queen, but the fact that we both know what that means shows that we have boyfriends who are into it!

  4. Omg, great sweater!!


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