Good morning Knuckles!

Dude, I friggin' love America.  Yes, my candidate won but more importantly, I'm just so proud of the democratic process.  Voting is nothing special -- every American citizen over 18 gets to do it -- and yet it's incredibly special.  I can't tell you how happy I was by all the proud "I voted" posts on my Facebook feed.  

(I just noticed the lowercase "i" here.  How modern!  By the way, when I am a retired old lady I am definitely going to be a polling place volunteer.  When I went to vote yesterday morning they were all in the best mood and picking away at a giant box of Dunkin' Donuts donuts on the table.  LUCKY!).

In other news, this fall I'd been on the lookout for a great floppy wool hat.  I finally found the perfect one at American Apparel.  It has some structure so it doesn't fall into your eyes, but it's floppy enough to give you that Bridget Bardot look.

(Hat, American Apparel; sunnies, YSL; blouse, Diane Von Furstenburg; braid jeans, Grey Ant; purse, Gucci; shoes, Jeffrey Campbell; jewelry, Asos, Target, Icing; vintage gold cuff from my Mom)

This is one of my favorite blouses.  I bought it online from Cusp while pregnant with the little guy.  During this time I had a horrible commute into the city and the only music I wanted to listen to was Rage Against the Machine and Sabbath (I chaulk it up to the extra testosterone).

My dear Knuckles, hope you are having the best week ever!

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