I love gorgeous, sunny fall days!  In Chicago we get like 15 of them between summer's sweltering heat and winter's barely bearable cold.

This is what I imagine I'd wear to go horseback riding (speaking as someone who has only rode one horse in her life, and didn't really enjoy it, and doesn't intend to ride another one again).

(What is up with this super awkward pose?  Look how bad my posture is!  This explains why every morning when I wake up the first words that come out of my mouth are MY BACK!)
 (CoStar does a great impression of this, by the way.  She puts her hand on the small of her back, leans over and yells MY BACK!).

(Sunglasses, Chanel; blouse, Rugby; pants, James; belt bag, vintage Coach; boots, Miss Sixty; bracelets, Target, Alex+Ani, my mom's vintage gold cuff; rings, from Mr. Brass Knuckles).

I received the tiny purse as a gift about 20 years ago.  I found it while rummaging through my childhood bedroom recently .  It came with a long strap that has since been lost, but there are a couple of belt hooks on the back.  I also found the belt in my childhood bedroom; it originally came with a pair of Palmetto khakis that I wore in junior high.  I think the two work well together as an accessory, but the bag is really too tiny to hold anything (at most, a couple of credit cards and a Blistex, it was designed pre-iPhone, after all).  

I bought the Chanel sunnies at the Hong Kong airport on one of my trips abroad back in the day.  I bought a ton of stuff at that airport.  After a long, taxing trip it was very easy to think MAN!  AFTER ALL THIS HARD WORK I DESERVE SOMETHING NICE! 

The shirt is fairly recent from the Rugby store in Boston.  I love the bustle in the back.  Rugby is one of my favorite stores -- all the salesclerks are cute college boys in letterman cardigans and silk bowties and jaunty little caps:


Have a great week, Knuckles!


  1. Hurray for tripods and camera remotes! (I do the same thing too).

    I LOVE this look of yours. Very Tommy Hilfiger/Ralph Lauren. I have a thing for all things vintage leather Coach. I love that it!

    I found you via IFB, and I'm your new follower. Would you like to follow each other?
    Amber's Mouthwash

    1. Thanks so much! The camera remote has totally transformed my blog -- I love it!!
      I will definitely check your blog out -- thanks for commenting!
      xxo.Brass Knuckles


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