Hi Knuckles!

The other day while Christmas shopping I fell in love with Velvet's foil mesh sweater.  It is reminiscent of a white crochet sweater I had in junior high from Express that I used to wear with black leggings and 1460 Doc Martens.  I felt so cool in this outfit!

So for this edition of Re-Creation Tuesdays, I've re-created two of my favorite outfits from way, way back in the day:

(Left, fuzzy white sweater, Jenni Kayne, $495; jeans, vintage, sadly sold out on Etsy; shoes, Tretorn, $60; doorknocker earrings, $4.99.  Right, foil mesh sweater, Velvet, on sale at Shopbop for $98; winter leggings, American Apparel, $38; boots, Doc Marten, $120; necklace, Bauble Bar, $36).

Did anyone else have these totally ridiculous foldover jeans from Express?  I absolutely loved mine!  I remember wearing these jazzy pants -- pegged legs, natch -- with a white cropped sweater, Tretorns, and pink Cover Girl lip gloss (I added the doorknocker earrings for effect).  Can you imagine rocking this outfit today?  My butt would look like a kaiser roll in those pants.

My mesh Express sweater was longer than the Velvet one above, and looked hot with black leggings and my beloved Docs (the Docs came a couple of years later).  I actually think these shoes are in my parent's house somewhere... I will have to do a little rummaging.  This outfit might not look too bad today if the sweater was long enough, especially paired with a cool Bauble Bar statement necklace.

Not pictured: my enormous poodle perm, oversized red Sally Jesse Raphael-style glasses, braces, and complete social awkwardness. 

Have a great week, Knuckles!

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  1. Great item picks, love the pants and necklace. Found you through the "Fashion Parkway", and followed you. Feel free to visit my blog anytime.

    xoxo Keke


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