Hi Knuckles! 

Last year we took the kids to the Art Institute, and boy was that a mistake!  CoStar was too young to appreciate anything and I was still nursing the little man, which was impossible in a crowded museum with communal benches.  

This weekend we figured the kids might be old enough so we tried the Art Institute again; it was only marginally more successful.  At least I had on a comfy sweater:

(Sunnies, YSL; sweater, Vince; shirt, J.Crew; liquid leggings, Silence+Noise; boots, Chinese Laundry; purse, Elliott Lucca; bracelets, Alex+Ani, Banana Republic; name necklaces,,; watch, Casio). 

Nothing too exciting about this outfit's provenance, except that this sweater is one of my favorites because it is incredibly warm and does not pill very much (which is a huge sweater pet peeve of mine).  I wore it while walking across the Williamsburg Bridge during the NYC subway strike in the winter of 2005.  It was a freezing cold morning and then-boyfriend Brass Knuckles and I were walking to work, and I distinctly remember thinking "Man this sweater's warm!"

Anyhow, the Littlest Knuckles thought the art museum had too many rules: no touching, climbing, running, or snacking, all 4 of which we got called out on by the guards.  Screw rules, man!

Hope you are having a great week, Knuckles!

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