Happy Friday, Knuckles!

I am so thrilled it's the weekend, and my morning is all Instagrammed up:

If you recall, I was in the market for a new pair of glasses.  The Warby Parkers didn’t work out, but I got the above pair at Lenscrafters.  I love them but they are a different look than my family and I are used to, particularly in the mornings when I just wake up.  Usually right out of my bed my hair looks like – at the very best end of the spectrum – Carrie in SATC circa Season 2.  At the worst end of the spectrum it looks frizzy and disheveled, and paired with these glasses….

Me, on one of the first days I wore the new glasses, walking out of the bathroom, to Mr. Brass Knuckles:  Hey look, your wife looks like Weird Al Yankovic!
Mr. Brass Knuckles: <bursts into wild, uncontrollable guffawing>
Me: …
Mr. Brass Knuckles: <his shoulders are shaking he’s laughing so hard>

At this point I expect him to wind down and wipe his eyes which he does and say something like You’re always beautiful to me but instead he says What do you wanna do for breakfast?


Have a great weekend Knuckles!  Enjoy your Friday!

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