Hello Knuckles!

Good gravy I've been busy with work!  However, I found a little time this weekend to get crafty and try this Pinterest DIY ribbon-shoulder sweater (how-to below).  The sweater was a gift from my cousin from a few years back.  It's an awesome cut but unfortunately it was getting all pilly and needed a refresh.  After removing the pills with a fine-toothed comb and adding the ribbon, I love it all over again: 

(Sweater, Banana Republic; pants, H&M; boots, Miu Miu; bag, Elliott Lucca; watch, Casio; name necklaces, and  There are no good images from this shoot because Mr. Brass Knuckles kept cracking me up by saying things like, "YOUR LEGS NEED MORE ATTITUDE."  He was being totally serious.)

I used a pink ribbon because that's all I had, but I might swap it out for neon yellow grosgrain -- how cool would that look?!  

Anyhow, it's now back to the grind.  

Have fun, Knuckles!


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