My dear Knuckles!

Around this time every year I feel the need to purge my closet: 

 (Nothing like some good Pinterest closet porn)

Usually I just stuff everything into black garbage bags and haul it to my local Goodwill or Salvo, but there are lots of really wonderful organizations out there that take clothing and other gently used items.  

This month's O Magazine has a great list of donation sites, including:

Donate My Dress, which distributes prom, Sweet 16, and quinceanera frocks;

Career Gear, which offers suits and employment advice to unemployed men;

Webthrift.com, where you can sell you stuff and donate the proceeds to charity;

Newborns in Need, which provides essentials for babies.

For more organizations, Miss Minimalist compiled this comprehensive list a few years ago.

Happy purging Knuckles!  I hope your fashionable outcasts find good homes!

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