Hello Knuckles!

To celebrate my birthday last week, I went shopping.  After not really buying clothes for a year, I have to admit it was initially a bit overwhelming.  I was like Should I buy This? Or That? Will I wear it more than once?  Is it appropriate for work? Do I want an Auntie Annie's pretzel?  However, being an old pro (heheh!), the uncertainty quickly lifted and I ended up buying a few things.

(Sunnies, YSL; jacket, new, BCBG; jeans, Chip+Pepper; tank top, Target; purse, Elliott Lucca; shoes, Sam Edelman; jewelry, H&M, Asos)

So what effect did the clothing fast have on me?  For starters, I am more acutely aware of wasteful consumption, a hazard of fast fashion.  I will always enjoy shopping -- it's a great source of stress-relief -- but clothes have definitely taken on a new meaning.  I used to love buying things because I wanted the latest look.  It was almost like, by the time I wore the outfit it was useless to me, which is so ridiculous because you wear clothes to do things in.  Now, I genuinely think I'm more interested in remembering my experiences in these outfits, and will hold onto things for their associations. 

Let the hoarding begin!

Have a great week, Knuckles!


  1. Congrats on surviving the year, mama! I went on a fashion diet a few years back, and it totally changed me... for a long time (and I suppose to this day), I hardly have any desire to shop (especially since things are so expensive nowadays! $200 for a shirt?!?! hellooooo).

    Having said that, I just quit my job at NBCU and joined the family business... which is in fashion hahaha. So I suppose I found my way back to my love of clothes in the end =) Once things settle down a bit here, I'll send you some cute stuff. If you like the pieces, you can show it off on your blog! =D


    1. I would love that, it would be a huge honor for me! Congrats on the move! That is really exciting! I know, I definitely have less of a desire to shop now too. It's just been de-prioritized in my life, though we'll see how long that lasts. So great to hear from you!

  2. The whole ensemble is quite fetching!

    Visting from Hump Day blog hop.


  3. Love the heels and the jacket! Gorgeous!


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