Good afternoon Knuckles!

As my clothing fast draws to an end, I wanted to disclose that I did get a few things last year funded by small amounts on existing gift cards and presents.  

Even though the number of new acquisitions went down, I feel very satisfied by the items I was able to buy:

1) Floral blazer: I got this post-fast for my birthday.  This was one of those pieces you're immediately drawn to in the store because you love loud prints and shoulder pads.  I will enjoy it forever, and can imagine wearing it when I'm 70 with white elastic-banded pants and SAS sneakers.

2) High-low skirt: Funded by a forgotten gift card I found in an old purse.  Don't you love finding money in random places?  

 3) Red dress: I exchanged a birthday present for this, and specifically bought it so I could re-create my first date outfit with Mr. Brass Knuckles.  Also, I love the color red even though it makes my skin look green.

4, 6, 8) Of everything on this list, the plaid shirt is the only item I can see getting tired of.  Though I am proud of the DIY studding.

5) Accessories, like this hat, were fair game, people!

7) Do I need to mention this black patent skirt again?  It was a gift from a fashionable co-worker and it is still amazing.  IT IS STILL AMAZING.

9) See 5)

10) These Miu Miu boots originally cost more than my monthly mortgage and when I tell you how much I paid for them you will high-five me and then curl up in a fetal position and wonder what you've been doing all your life because you're never at the right store at the right time to score these boots on sale at a fraction of their original price.

11/12) The skirt and blouse were holiday gifts from my sisters-in-law, who knew I was on my fast and delightfully indulged me.

While I'm no longer on my fast, I do think my habits have changed and my goal this year is to continue being a thoughtful consumer.  Keep me in check, Knuckles!

Have a great weekend!

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