Good morning Knuckles!

I'm loving spring metallics right now (accidentally typed "metallica," ha ha!), including this gold brocade skirt.

(Sunnies, Target; cardigan, Topshop; blouse, H&M; skirt, new, Pim + Larkin; cage sandals, Prada; purse, Dooney and Burke; necklace, Tuleste Market; bracelets, Asos, F21)

The cage sandals were from the Space outlet in Switzerland and I think they were 20 Swiss francs which is like 22 bucks (for Prada!).  The purse was gifted by Dooney years ago.  Back in the day a couple of my fashion school friends and I were picked as Teen Vogue It Girls and as a result got sent to Europe where we reviewed materials and shopped silhouettes with the Dooney team.  Anyhow, I have never once used this purse but I pulled it out in the spirit of Throwback Thursdays.  It reminds me of fashion school, of which I have fond memories of cobbling shoes and constructing box bags and being generally somewhat self-destructive.

The purse is still in good shape but doesn't it look crazy dated?!  Yikes!

Have a happy Thursday, Knuckles!  Just over a day until my favorite moment of the week: 7:25pm on Friday night!  Teen Vogue It Moms you know what I'm talking about!


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