When you come home from work, you have to water your imaginary plants:

(Blazer, Zara; Peplum top, vintage; pants and necklace, H&M; shoes, Aldo; sunglasses, YSL; watch, Casio; bracelets, Pandora, Alex+Ani)

The peplum top is one of my faves.  It was originally an 80's dress with a voluminous bubble skirt that I bought it at the Park Slope Beacon's Closet years ago.  I never wore it because it was simultaneously too tight yet also made me look like a marshmellow.  Then one day I cut the skirt off and woila. 

The watering can is from Ikea and was a gift from my friend and first NYC roommate, L.  She tied the festive yellow ribbon around it and for some reason it holds a tremendous amount of sentimental value to me.  L. is one of the most fashionable and mysterious women I know and she actually got me into the MET's Costume Institute Ball one year.  At the time I was completely broke so I doctored up my high school prom dress and wore it with a pair of Gucci shoes that I emptied out my bank account to buy at the Bergdorf shoe sale.

These sparkly shoes are borderline FLOs (For Limo Only) but they are just comfortable enough to make it through the day.

Have a great weekend, Knuckles!


  1. Oh i love that h&m necklace is so cool! I'm following u now :*:*

  2. and to pick the imaginary fruits (which are perhaps comments f orbloggers) :)

    P.S.Love people which are living their on world.


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