Today I present my own gift guide, perfect for the ridiculous fashion blogger/mom/goober in your life.

1) IOMOI large lacquer tray, $250 -- With small children in the house it's easy to lose things.  This gorgeous monogrammed lacquer tray would bring some welcome organization to our coffee table.  Beautiful and kid-proof: a #winning combo! 

2) Alex+Ani bangles, $78 -- When it comes to arm parties, you can always count on these bangles to bring top-shelf booze and talk to everyone, including your awkward co-workers.  That's what makes them the perfect guests and they go great with everything and hence, you invite them every time.  

3) Chanel classic flap bag, $(Ay Dios Mio!) -- Usually I'm not too fixated on material possessions but this timeless handbag turns me into a Kardashian.  I mean, this bag is the only reason why I occasionally purchase lottery tickets.  It's one of those big-ticket items, like tummy tucks and spa getaways, that mothers cannot justify because they seem incredibly self-indulgent.  

4) Birth names are so 2008.  This year I'm gifting Twitter-handle name necklaces, $33.95+.

5) Rookie Yearbook One, edited by Tavi Gevinson, $16.45 -- Even though I am an entire generation beyond her demographic, I love Tavi and her Rookie empire.  She reminds me of what it was like to be a teenager when you'd find wacky stuff at thrift stores and cry while listening to music and furtively stare at boys in the hallway and life was still this explosive, burgeoning thing.  (Sigh).

6) Caroline Amato Fingerless Motorcycle Gloves, $58 -- Perfectly badass, paired with a brightly colored winter coat.  

7) Logitech Wireless Speaker Adapter for Bluetooth, $39.99 -- The Knuckles family loves streaming music through Pandora.  This little gadget allows you to stream music on your iPhone wirelessly to any set of speakers, eliminating the need to watch your dock like a hawk to make sure it doesn't fall prey to grubby little hands.

8) Arlo acrylic tumblers, $3.50-$3.95 -- In our home, glass is a liability.  No matter where you put your glass cup a small human will reach up on tippy toes to knock it to the ground, shattering it into tiny pieces which you then sweep up on your hands and knees with an animal intensity to make sure no pieces remain that said small human could pop into his mouth.  That's why we drink highballs out of plastic sippy cups (have you tried this?  It's... not the same).  These acrylic tumblers are the perfect solution.  

9) Buxom Big and Healthy Lip Tarnish, $19 -- I love lipstick but hate when it gets everywhere.  This tingly lip pencil adds a touch of long-lasting color and looks great finished with a coat of Blistex.

10) The ugliest room in our house is the bedroom.  Instead of a cozy love nest it looks like the dentist's office at a federal state prison.  You could devote an entire HGTV series to righting this whole lotta decoration wrong but we could start with some wall art.  Threadless has lots of great wall art, $14.50+, including this chuckle-worthy piece that would bring a well-needed pop of personality to our otherwise cadaver-like room.  

I hope this week has been inspiring, little Knuckles, and given you some good ideas!  May December bring you lots of warmth and laughter!

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  1. This is a great wishlist. Loving the Channel for sure.

    <3 Marina


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