Hello Knuckles!

One weird example (among many) that proves I am turning into my mother is my upper-arm phobia.  I rarely wear tank tops or sleeveless things.  I don't even try on sleeveless things anymore because every time I think, This would look so much better with sleeves.  I think the last sleeveless thing I wore was my wedding dress, and when I look at my wedding photos now I think, That would've looked so much better with sleeves.

However, this past week I took inspiration from an old photo of Jennifer Aniston looking amazing in a black vest worn as a shirt:

(Sunnies, Target; vest (old) and skirt (new), H&M; belt, Banana Republic; shoes, Barneys Co-Op; necklace, J.Crew Factory; purse, Elliott Lucca; bracelets, Alex+Ani)

Speaking of weddings, these were my wedding shoes!  I found these while browsing at Barneys.  I was a very nonchalant bride and they felt right for a beach wedding, so I tried them on and asked the lady next to me if she liked them.  She said (and I'll never forget this because she was also very nonchalant), Well, they look good on your feet.  

I wore the shoes for most of the reception and they were surprisingly comfy.  Or at least comfy enough to get me over the drunken shoe hump; you know that thing when you're having such a good time that you cease experiencing pain until the next morning when your feet look and feel like they've been gnawed on by piranhas?

Have a great weekend, Knuckles!  Muchos besitos!


  1. I absolutely adore the look! And you have no reason to have an upper arm phobia because yours look amazing! Gotta admit though, I have the same fear with mine. I always put on a cardigan over a spaghetti strap dress. In South Texas, that's a little crazy because it's hot! LOL.

    Love the shoes, and they do look great on you! Great blog!

    1. Thanks Trinnah! Ha ha, glad I've found someone else with the same phobia! Thank you so much!


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